Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oh water, where art thou?

A profile of an apparently successful New Zealand water diviner, Dave Penney []
The quartz crystal quivers, then leans ever so slightly, with no apparent sleight- of-hand direction from Dave Penney.
Slowly, the pointed end of the crystal zeroes in on a blue pen mark scribed on a map.
Penney is a picture of concentration, his hands clasped around a cord attached to the crystal. "It's moving on that one," says the 70-year-old retired motoring and ground engineer, under his breath. "See Johns Road? That aquifer is coming from a main artery here. What I have found with divining is the water is coming from the Antarctic, sourcing through the southern lakes."
Penney is a water diviner, but not for him the conventional forked willow or the two L-shaped metal rods. The divining rods are only used as a back-up. The rest of the time, he lets the crystal run its course over maps, plotting the direction of aquifer arteries and their sub-branches.

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