Saturday, October 11, 2008

Did a UFO Crash near Needles California earlier this summer?

May 14th, 3am, a large object with a turquoise hue streaked across the sky plummeting to earth south of Las Vegas near Needles California, just west of the Colorado River.
Frank Costigan who worked as the chief of airport security at L.A.X. for seven years saw it because he got up at 3am to let his cat out. He said that this object was not a meteorite because it traveled at a high rate of speed and then slowed down just before speeding up again and then disappeared behind a hill where it was assumed to have crashed just out of site from witnesses. Costigan said, "It was bright, bright enough that it illuminated the ground." Costigan also stated, "It went behind a hill, and I waited to see if I could hear it crash because as big as it was, it was bound to make noise," However he never heard a sound.

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