Sunday, November 30, 2008

Strange 'Black Egg' UFO With Tail-Captured From Airliner Phantoms & Monsters
On October 8, 2008 a passenger on a flight from Chicago, IL to Oakland, CA spotted a black egg-shaped object with a black tail flying at the same altitude at the plane. Photos. This looks a little like the photo of an object seen a month later in Argentina:
UFO or Condor Over Tupungato?
Museum Recordings Provide Haunting Evidence
Mason Dixon Paranormal Society spent two nights investigating the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Frederick, MD, and came away convinced it has evidence of paranormal activity at the facility. With slide show. There's also video
here. And there's more haunting footage in Video: German WWII Underground Bunker - Jersey, Channel Islands.

NASA Mars photo reveals strange object

According to an article written August 5, 2008, a piece of "timber" has been found in one of the NASA photos, taken by the Mar´s Rover "Opportunity"You can read the full article here: "NASA Mars photo leaked - wood found on mars!"Where would a piece of timber (if that is what it is) come from, if there are no trees on Mars? The author of the article says "There are vast forests on Mars, ones that are kept from the public. This piece of wood looks like it floated to its present location, being partially sunk in the soil."Whilst conditions on Mars are different to that on Earth (atmosphere and temperatures), it seems unlikely that a piece of wood could survive any great length of time, a point the author makes "This flood had to have happened within the past thirty or forty years because the wood is intact, though this is judging the rate of decay by Earth standards. Some may say that Mars did have water on it long ago and that it even had an atmosphere, which is true, but a piece of timber isn´t going to survive for thousands of years."

New Video: Metallic Objects Found Near Area of Supposed UFO Crash in Needles, California

Ongoing reports from a Las Vegas, NV, television investigating team into the apparent crash of an unidentified object near the banks of the Colorado River reveal new findings. With multiple videos detailing the new findings and the background of the incident. Elsewhere, the dramatic and widely-witnessed fiery object over western Canada November 20, leads to the report Searchers Find Remains of Fireball Meteor. Meanwhile, from South America comes a report of more aerial mystery in Video: UFO Over Las Canitas, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 11/26/08.