Thursday, January 22, 2009

Was Obama's Inauguration UFO - Predicted? UFODCC
A UFO was filmed by Cable News Network (CNN) streaking across the sky two hours before the inauguration of the newest President of the United States. Does this video of a UFO validate Rick Philips' December 30, 2009, prediction that such an event was likely to happen? The CNN video is
at Disclose.TV. Meanwhile, Dean Radin reveals what may be an even more shocking anomaly registered during the much anticipated swearing in ceremony for Barack Obama in Collective Consciousness and the Inauguration.

UFO Files to be Released Under Obama Open Government Memoranda Examiner
Dr. Michael Salla looks at "the sweeping changes to be implemented by the Obama administration." Will promised government "transparency" translate to revelations of government UFO secrets? Meanwhile, a recent rash of of sightings leads to the text and news video report
UFOs on the Rise in Bucks County, and MUFON state director John Ventre appears on video to say UFO Activity is Increasing Across Pennsylvania.

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