Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ropen Expedition Update Cryptomundo
Bill Gibbons reports that Garth Guessman and other expedition members now Papua New Guinea have found a cave near a waterfall that natives say is a Ropen roosting location. Cameras have been set up outside the cave.
Mystery Fireball Baffles Witnesses in Texas The Times
A mysterious fireball streaked across the Texas sky in broad daylight yesterday prompting a flood of calls to the emergency services and news organizations. The fireball was described as a glowing egg-shape with an orange center, a blue-ish outer aura, and a silvery-white tail that left a trail of smoke behind it. A helicopter sent up to look for debris from what some thought was a plane crash found nothing. With video. UPDATE:
FAA Says Texas Fireball Was Meteor, Not A UFO. Elsewhere, Low flying triangular-shaped UFO lights up rural TN field and Two brothers followed and 'surrounded' by UFOs as vehicle engine dies.

Three Unidentified Objects Entered the Atmosphere Inexplicata
Texas was not the only place where fireballs were seen in the sky recently. They were also seen in Argentina on Feb. 14. And on Feb. 13, came a report of a
Fireball Over Reading, Berkshire, UK. And previously, on Feb. 11 a Fast Moving Figure 8 UFO Reported Over Kunming, China. It's been a busy week: MUFON received more than 50 reports between Feb. 9-15, 2009.
Eerie Footage Of “Ghost” Captured By Schoolboy? Forgetomori
Just days after his 9-year-old sister complained that someone was mysteriously finishing her jigsaws at night, a 12-year-old boy in the UK took a video of a white shadow in his bedroom followed by the dark image of a man. But what are those light reflections that seem to go along with the apparition? Are these artifacts a sign that the video was hoaxed. There is only one way to find out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Holy smoke: Rotorua bats take flight

Gotham City move over, Rotorua can now lay claim to a couple of real batmen.
In a scene almost straight from the DC comic, two men were bombarded by hundreds of bats in the early hours of this morning.
The flying mammals swooped on the businessmen, one from Rotorua and one from Invercargill, about 3am in Amohia Street.
But instead of charging off to fight crime in Rotorua's underworld, the pair jumped into a passing taxi to escape their attackers.
Taxi driver Ngaia Monaham said she didn't believe their tale at first, but then they showed her bite marks on their arms.
"They were like a whole lot of tack marks."
The men didn't seem too worried about the bites, she said.
The pair had apparently done nothing to incur the wrath of the bats other than walking under the trees.
After dropping the men to their destinations, Ms Monaham and a colleague returned to Amohia Street and watched the nocturnal animals for about two hours.
She said hundreds of them were flying between three trees.
"It was eerie, but it was exciting," she said.
The born and bred Rotorua taxi driver said she had never known of bats roosting in the area.
Department of Conservation project manager for the Rotorua Lakes area office, Peter Corson, also said they did not know of any bats in the central city area – with the closest known ones about 20km out of the city.
"And certainly I've never heard of bats in New Zealand attacking people.
"I am cynical, but I wasn't there" he said.
Bats had an incredible ability to sense objects, even in the darkest of areas, and usually avoided them, he said.
New Zealand has two species of bats, the short-tail and the long tail, and both prefer big old forests areas to live in.
Neither species was known to have a taste for human flesh and the nearest vampire bats to Rotorua could be found in South America, Mr Corson said.

Friday, February 13, 2009

What is this Strange Alien-Like Being Captured on Video In Santa Rosa de Quives, Peru, and Dubbed 'The Man' By Locals?

Something Green This Way Cometh

Comet Lulin is its name. Green is its fame. Astronomers say that, to the best of their knowledge, this comet has never made a trip through our inner solar system previously.
It will make its closest approach to earth on February 24, 2009. At that time, it will pass within 0.41 AU to Earth. That equates to approximately 38 million miles.
What is so curious about this comet is that it glows green due to" the gases that make up its Jupiter-sized atmosphere". Atmosphere? Jupiter-sized?
Who knew comets had "atmosphere"? If it has atmosphere—especially one that is Jupiter-sized—that means it must have some rather remarkable gravity. Does that tell us anything about its mass? This thing must be rather massive.


There is a video on Youtube that shows what is purported to be a "Real German UFO Base in Brasil". To say the least, the images are intriguing. But is it the real deal? I dont know, but heres the link so you can watch it yourself and make up your own mind.
Rumors of a NAZI base in Antarctica are not rumors. They actually built one there during WWII. Rumors that it is still active, and that it is the home of NAZI UFO activity? Could they be operating from Brazil? Again, anything is possible. View the video and make up your own mind. It is, at least, interesting to contemplate.
See The Video