Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mystery Fireball Baffles Witnesses in Texas The Times
A mysterious fireball streaked across the Texas sky in broad daylight yesterday prompting a flood of calls to the emergency services and news organizations. The fireball was described as a glowing egg-shape with an orange center, a blue-ish outer aura, and a silvery-white tail that left a trail of smoke behind it. A helicopter sent up to look for debris from what some thought was a plane crash found nothing. With video. UPDATE:
FAA Says Texas Fireball Was Meteor, Not A UFO. Elsewhere, Low flying triangular-shaped UFO lights up rural TN field and Two brothers followed and 'surrounded' by UFOs as vehicle engine dies.

Three Unidentified Objects Entered the Atmosphere Inexplicata
Texas was not the only place where fireballs were seen in the sky recently. They were also seen in Argentina on Feb. 14. And on Feb. 13, came a report of a
Fireball Over Reading, Berkshire, UK. And previously, on Feb. 11 a Fast Moving Figure 8 UFO Reported Over Kunming, China. It's been a busy week: MUFON received more than 50 reports between Feb. 9-15, 2009.

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