Wednesday, April 22, 2009

UFO related information ‘Above top secret’ says Australian political leader

Australian’s are seeing strange things in the skies and sometimes on the ground, from Melbourne to Mullumbimby, from Budgewoi to Bundaberg. UFO sightings have never been more frequent, yet politicians are keeping mysteriously quiet on the topic.
One of these politicians is Malcolm Turnbull, one of the biggest names in Australian politics. Malcolm Turnbull is a member of the Australian Parliament and the Leader of one of Australia’s two main political parties, The Liberal Party, the party identified with John Howard, Australia’s previous leader. Turnbull served as the minister for the environment under John Howard. The party is now in opposition, however Turnbull stands a good chance of being Australia’s next Prime Minister. Turnbull is also highly associated with the movement calling for Australia to ditch the UK Monarchy. If he does become PM Australia might have a good chance of becoming a republic (in the event Australia’s current PM, Mr Kevin Rudd doesn’t beat him to it) but don’t hold your breath for any UFO related disclosure.
Michael Cohen, of All News Web, happened to chance upon Mr Turnbull and ask him a few questions regarding UFO related topics, probably the first time he was asked anything on the topic by any media outlet. Some of the answers he gave were startling. On the issue of whether he would disclose what the Government knew about UFO's, alien visitation and contact with humans he was rather evasive and claimed he wasn’t sure the Government knew anything and if anyone did know something they weren’t telling him or anyone he knows. Then he made the surprise revelation that 'Information on that subject would be above top secret, the highest classification of secrecy’. This was a truly remarkable comment. He then mentioned that ‘Australia hasn’t had its Roswell yet’ to which our reporter replied ‘That’s not exactly true.’
So there we have it, yet another top ranking politician alluding to a government within a government that might know something about the topic but isn’t telling anyone, even elected officials and party heads.
When asked if he believed earth is being visited by Aliens and whether he believed in UFO’s he simply reversed the question and asked our reporter if he did. Yet the impression gained was that he knew more than he was prepared to give away. Reality is that Australia’s attitudes towards UFO disclosure are as progressive as the nation’s attitudes towards internet censorship: We can expect secrecy for decades. I guess we will never find out why so many UFO sightings down under involve helicopters in tow, spotlights searching for something in sky. We will never find out why the next day no one can even confirm if there were helicopters aloft the night before, what government department they were from or what the heck they were searching the sky for at 2am.After all, we powerless mere mortals are way too dumb to be trusted with information on questions like ‘is there anyone out there?’ We would rather leave that to the ‘elected’ elite that control our lives.

Australia: Bigfoot spotted in bush near Sydney

Two backpackers on a year long trip around Australia got the fright of their life last week while they were out trekking in bushland in the vicinity of the township of Leura, not far from the well known Katoomba landmark, ‘The Three Sisters’.
It was early evening and by the two ladies admission a bit late to be by themselves in the bush. Ingrid Schön 23, of Germany and Adi Hassan, 22 of France decided to head back into town when they heard the breaking of branches and loud footsteps heading towards them. Ingrid shone a torch onto the track in front of them. At this point they both claim to have seen what they now describe as Bigfoot charge away into the distance.
‘Admittedly we did not get a close look but we think what we saw looked like the American Bigfoot, basically covered in fur and about two meters tall. It definitely had no clothes on and was not human.’ Ingrid told All News Web reporter Jadyn Cassidy. 'We were petrified and almost lost our way back in our nervous state' Ingrid commented.
The Blue Mountains is believed to be the home of a creature known as the Yowie, basically Australia’s version of Bigfoot or the Yeti. There have been many recent sightings. Prior to the arrival of Europeans local Aboriginal tribes were certain of its existence. Aboriginal communities still living in the Blue Mountains along with some other locals continue to believe the Yowie might be out there in the vast expanses of Australia’s Great Dividing Range.

Australia's Loch Ness Monster? [HOAX]

Is it a bunyip? Is it Australia’s answer to the Loch Ness Monster? Reports on the Easter weekend of a mysterious creature emerging from a billabong near Doomadgee in northern Queensland have left locals and cryptozoologists all around the world in a frenzied flap.

The North West Star Newspaper, based in Mt Isa, Queensland, report that a couple came into their offices with an image of a mysterious creature sighted in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The paper reported “According to the legendary tale being told around kitchen tables in the region, a Doomadgee man was trying to take a photo of a large snake at Drum Yard Station, which is about 50 kilometres outside Doomadgee, when this creature emerged from a billabong. The quick thinking man supposedly hid behind a tree and took this "photograph" before the monster slinked past him and out of sight.”According to the outback tabloid, “the picture is currently being passed from phone to phone throughout Doomadgee as residents debate its authenticity.”
However Australia’s foremost cryptozoologist is not so excited about the photo.
“This same image has been circulating in cryptozoology circles for almost two decades,” mulls Tim the Yowie Man from his national headquarters in Canberra.
“I first saw it associated with an alleged Bigfoot report from Wild Creek in the United States, near Mt Rainier Washington, on July 11 1995,” explains the expert monster hunter.
“Hoaxes like this very poor one do nothing but reduce the credibility of the field of cryptozoology,” says a disappointed Yowie Man.

Big Mystery Cat Photographed in NZ

Two Scottish tourists have photographed a catlike creature of unknown origin in New Zealand, as shown in Mystery Animal Snapped.

The Himalayas had their Yetis, while Canada's Sasquatch was known informally as "Bigfoot".
And now, the Lindis Pass hill country may - or may not - have its "Big Ginge".
Scottish tourists Charlie and Marie Limond photographed what they described as a "lynx-sized mountain lion", at McLeays Creek in the Lindis Pass.
"It was definitely way bigger than your domestic cat. About the size of an Alsatian dog," Mr Limond told the Otago Daily Times yesterday.
The couple were driving along State Highway 8, through the Lindis Pass, last week, when Mr Limond said he saw the animal "out of the corner of my eye".
They turned their car around and said they watched the big cat, about 200m away, from the roadside for about seven minutes.
"I got a real good look at it through my binoculars. Our small digital camera wasn't able to get a decent photograph, but it was the same goldy colour as a mountain lion," he said.
Mr Limond was unshaken in his belief he had seen a "small lion-like animal". He based his claims on having been to Africa and seen lions at game parks.
However, Wanaka Area Department of Conservation manager Paul Hellebrekers said the couple may have sighted an extremely large feral cat.
"There is nothing to substantiate that we're not just dealing with a very large cat," he said.
Dunstan Downs Station farmer Geva Innes laughed when the Otago Daily Times contacted her to ask whether there had been any reports of a "big ginger tomcat the size of a small lion" stalking the hills.
"We shoot feral cats round here," she said.
The feral pests often roamed the hills and grew big. Feral cats could also carry the disease toxoplasmosis, which caused abortions in sheep, she said. By
Matthew Haggart
Bendigo UFO a YouTube Hit The Advertiser
An Australian man filmed a UFO above his home in Bendigo, Victoria, Tuesday night April 14, 2009. He placed his homemade video on the popular YouTube website, and viewers from around the world have begun to pick up on it. Is the object filmed a UFO, the International Space Station or some other manmade object? You'll find the
video footage here.

Video: Triangle UFO Before Aquila Earthquake - Italy Phantoms & Monsters
Film footage taken prior to the April 6, 2009, earthquake east of Rome, Italy, appears to reveal a triangle-shaped UFO in the night sky above the quake area. Since this is not the first time a UFO has been reported above a quake area, there is speculation about the connection between UFOs and earthquakes.

Tokoroa UFO filmed Easter weekend

Paul Henry speaks to a man in Tokoroa who has sparked quite a bit of internet interest with his footage of a UFO.