Thursday, December 17, 2009

HUGE pyramid-shaped UFO hovers over Moscow's Kremlin for hours!


A HUGE pyramid-shaped UFO hovers over Moscow's Kremlin - in a film that has rocked Russia.
Witnesses said the object, similar to Darth Vader's Imperial Cruiser in the Star Wars films, could be a MILE wide.
A clip of the triangle - said to have hovered above Red Square for hours - is also the top video on the country's YouTube.

Nick Pope, who worked on the MoD's UFO desk for three years, called it "one of the most extraordinary UFO clips I've ever seen".
He added: "At first I thought this was a reflection, but it appears to move behind a power line, ruling out this theory."
Russian reports ruled out UFO speculation, claiming police would have received reports. Yet cops REFUSED to comment.
Web theorists suggested an air balloon or stunt, but a spokesman for aerospace experts Jane's News said: "We have no idea what it is."

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