Saturday, March 13, 2010

NEW The Cryptid Factor radio show Sunday mornings on 95BFM

95bFM is proud to welcome Rhys Darby & David Farrier to the 95 FM airwaves! Their show The Cryptid Factor has found a new home on Sunday Mornings from 9-11am.
After bidding farewell to Jose Barbosa and the Sunday Breakfast Show at the end of February, the search began in earnest to find a suitable replacement for the Sunday Morning slot. The Cryptid Factor seemed like the perfect fit!
David and Rhys found they had a shared love for cryptozoology (the science of hidden creatures) during an interview. Farrier was interviewing Darby for yet another story about "Flight of the Conchords" for 3News, and they ended up talking about Mongolian Death Worms and the Yeti.
Both men ("boys, really," says Farrier) have been on cryptozoological expeditions themselves - Darby to Loch Ness to look for the Loch Ness monster, and Farrier to Mongolia where he spent 4 weeks looking for the Mongolian Death Worm.
"For us, the main highlight of our week is when the newest edition for Fortean Times hits the shelves. As far as cryptozoology goes, that magazine's our bible", say the pair.
"bFM seems like a really nice home for this show. We really liked the show that came before us, so we just hope we can do justice to the lovely Sunday morning slot".
Joining them on the show is their tall, hairy producer Buttons, who tries to hold things together. "Buttons' enthusiasm for buttons, and even knobs, is just amazing. That's why we have him on board".
Wellington stuntman and paranormal investigator/cryptozoologist Peter Hassall is also a weekly guest, as he delves into his vault for historical pieces of New Zealands cryptozoological past.
And lets not forget the southern poet Bruce, who contributes the feature "Poetry For Men Who Like Words". He only writes about strange creatures, and will share a new poem every week (when he hasn't been drinking).
The Cryptid Factor with Rhys Darby & David Farrier - Sundays 9-11am on 95bFM

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