Wednesday, December 29, 2010


If anyone here is interested in Documentaries and lectures about UFOS [plus Aliens, abductions/contactees and other extraterrestrial subjects], other things like the 9-11 conspiracy, 2012, The Illuminati, Exopolitics, Free Energy, The Police State, Disclosure, Underground bases, Mars anomalies, life on Mars?, The Apollo 11 Moon landing hoax, Starchildren, Indigo Children, Cryptozoology ‎-ie Bigfoot/Sasaquatch/Swamp Apes/Yowies/Yetis...Loch Ness Monster and other lake/sea creatures....Chupacabras, Mongolian Death Worm...etc etc...the hidden truths about vaccinations, the Annunaki...and more. Contact me for a list.

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