Thursday, January 20, 2011

NZ UFO expert: On a UFO, Grey ETs merged my son’s soul into his body in my womb

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released on January 19, 2011, Suzanne Hansen, Founding Director of UFOCUS NZ Research Network (New Zealand) publicly reveals the unique and compelling history of how she first met the soul of her son aboard a Grey ET spacecraft when she was only 8 years old and her son appeared as a “Ball of Light.”

In her interview, Ms. Hansen reveals that later in her life, after she was married and pregnant with her son, she was taken aboard a Grey ET spacecraft, where she met her son’s soul once more as “a Ball of Light.” On this occasion, her son’s Soul was inserted into her womb and her son’s body in a procedure by the Grey ETs, who also gave her deep information about the future positive social role her son would play on Earth. Throughout her life, Ms. Hansen states, her experiences with the Grey ETs were “transformational, purposeful, and positive.”

Corroborated by alien abduction expert Mary Rodwell, RN

Suzanne Hansen’s account is corroborated by Mary Rodwell, RN, who led Ms. Hansen through hypnotic regression sessions designed to help her recover her memories of her life-long experiences around her son’s Soul aboard Grey ET spacecraft.

Ms. Rodwell is “a world leader in alien abduction counseling. Mary Rodwell was featured in an SBS documentary alongside her son – a self-confessed UFO skeptic. Mary, a former nurse and midwife and clinical hypnotherapist founded ACERN in 1997 and has since investigated over 1600 cases of ET encounters worldwide. ACERN helps alien abduction victims deal with their traumas with the support of qualified medical doctors, psychologists and therapists.

“In the documentary My Mum Talks to Aliens, aired nationally in Australia, Mary Rodwell and her son are followed on their journey of discovery as they travel the country in pursuit of solid evidence of an alien presence on Earth.

“’I believe these advanced intelligences have been visiting this planet since the dawn of time, and I believe they’re here to assist evolution to another level,’ Ms. Rodwell said.”

View Suzanne Hansen’s ExopoliticsTV interview

View alien abduction expert Mary Rodwell, RN’s ExopoliticsTV corroborating interview

Suzanne Hansen’s credibility as a UFO expert and activist
Suzanne Hansen has been a powerful and effective force in bringing about UFO and extraterrestrial disclosure in New Zealand. She is credited with helping bring about the recent disclosure of secret UFO and extraterrestrial files by the Defence Force of New Zealand on Wednesday, December 22, 2010. The New Zealand Defense Force released over 2,000 pages of reports by civilians, military personnel, and pilots, detailing unexplained aerial sightings (UAS).

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sightings of UFOs off North coast

by Mike Barrington [The Northern Advocate]
Mystery lights seen in the sky over Tutukaka could have been alien cosmic masters cruising by in their flying saucers. Or they may have been Chinese lanterns released by European backpackers partying on a nearby beach.

Mal Egginton at first thought he was seeing a plane when he watched two orange-red lights moving swiftly from north to south as he was closing doors on the deck of his Tutukaka Block Rd home at 9.35pm on Monday. But the lights seemed too bright for an aircraft and, although they appeared low, there was no sound.
The lights disappeared in the south, but two more appeared minutes later and he called his wife Alison out to watch as the "amazing" lights again passed overhead. Mr Egginton put the lights down to a meteorite shower. Alison found them so perturbing she phoned Civil Defence in Whangarei to let the authorities know.
Their neighbour, education consultant Lin Sneddon, called the police.
"At first I thought it was a helicopter and I couldn't understand why the lights weren't flashing and there was no sound. Then they shot upwards and disappeared," she said. Mrs Sneddon, her psychologist husband Dave and four lodge guests saw a total of six lights which appeared at close intervals.
When one of the lights went out, there appeared to be a large grey shape descending toward Ngunguru.
Mrs Sneddon said there was no wind and the silence accompanying the appearance of the lights was "strange".
Her "skeptic" husband had considered they could be Chinese lanterns, which had been the explanation for other mystery lights reported in Napier and Christchurch on Boxing Day.
Gordon McKenzie, from the Aetherius Society in Auckland, said the lights were possibly visiting extraterrestrial cosmic masters, which society members believed kept watch over the Earth and tried to guide humans into better behaviour.
But MetService weather ambassador Bob McDavitt agreed with Dave Sneddon that the lights were "almost certainly" Chinese lanterns.
"You make them by wrapping some red cellophane around a candle, attach a helium balloon and away she goes," Mr McDavitt said.
Releasing the lanterns around Christmas and New Year was a European custom, according to Mr McDavitt.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Five-legged calf back on Trade Me

The five-legged calf
- LOUISE RISK - Waikato Times
A five-legged calf is back on Trade Me after an unhappy husband put a stop to his wife's winning bid, telling the calf's seller, Reporoa dairy farm manager Jonathan King, "she went a bit ape".

King has added the message "wives please ask for your husband's permission before bidding" to the auction page for the friesian heifer calf with a fifth leg protruding from its neck.
The new listing for the calf has reached its reserve of $60, but King is doubtful it will match the $305 it reached in the first auction.
"I just hope that the top bidder actually pays for it this time."

King said he had heard the Hawke's Bay Farmyard Zoo had a five-legged sheep and he thought they may be interested in the calf.

"That would be cool – imagine a five-legged calf and a five-legged sheep together," he said. "It would be choice."
The original listing for the calf sparked a variety of feedback, from those who thought it was "cute" to those who thought it was a "freak".
King was undeterred by the opinions of others, and was still keen to find the calf, who would have otherwise been dead by now, a good home. The auction closes on Sunday, January 23.