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Strange sightings in Bay skies - UFOs?

by Kate Newton with Genevieve Helliwell [Bay of Plenty Times]
PHOTO:Auckland photographer Brian Aickin snapped this picture of "three mystery objects'' in the sky.

Seen something strange in the night sky?  You are not alone.
Calls have been coming into the Bay of Plenty Times Weekend over the past few weeks from people convinced that lights they have seen in the sky aren't those of earthly aircraft.
Graphic designer Cole Jamieson knows what he saw on March 30 wasn't a plane. He and his partner were driving over the Maungatapu bridge at 7.30pm when they saw three bright white lights, all the same size, height and evenly spaced over downtown Tauranga.
"They were much bigger than plane lights, more like large spotlights from a helicopter, but brighter," Mr Jamieson said.
"There were no other lights, no coloured or blinking lights like all aircraft are required to have. Both me and my partner saw the lights and we both knew what we saw wasn't normal."
Mr Jamieson drove into the city to see if he could work out what they were but by the time they got there the lights had gone. He has since driven over the bridge at the same time of night to see if they were from something explainable - like Devonport Towers - but said the ones he saw were too high to be a building.
He has since done a lot of searching on the internet and found many cases have been reported worldwide recently, including one that appears to take off from the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine in Jerusalem.
"There's been a huge increase worldwide," Mr Jamieson said.
"The Fox and ABC networks are always having stories on them at the moment."
Tony Wilson of Papamoa and his family saw strange lights on Monday and Tuesday nights this week.
The family's curtains were being cleaned so Mr Wilson's wife was able to see into the southwest sky and point out to the rest of the family what initially looked like a flickering star.
But then it had started moving erratically.
"It was predominantly silver but you could see flashes of red and occasionally blue and silver," Mr Wilson said.
It had looked as though it was above the Kaimais, he said, but eventually faded out.
"When I saw it again on Tuesday I was starting to think it was a planet but planets don't move spasmodically so I'm not sure what it was," Mr Wilson said.
"I'm certainly not a UFO nut but I would put it in the UFO category."
Another Papamoa man told the Bay of Plenty Times Weekend about what he had seen on the night of April 4 on the condition he wasn't named.
He said he saw two lights hovering in the sky out at sea that began moving erratically before disappearing into the distance.
UFO research group UFOCUS New Zealand, which is based in Tauranga, files reports of UFO sightings on its website.
There is one Western Bay sighting from this year.
It was reported as an orange ball of light spotted from Pyes Pa at 9.30pm on February 19, travelling from the port to Oropi.

"The object was the size of the witness' index fingernail at arm's length, was travelling at helicopter speed, and appeared to be above the cloud.
"There was no strobe light as there would be on a helicopter," the report said.
"There was no light reflecting off the clouds from the object, and it was lost to view behind the clouds."
Vicki Hyde, spokeswoman for the New Zealand Skeptics, said unexplained lights could often be explained by science.
"About 80-90 per cent of everything unusual can be explained ... but that doesn't mean the other 10-20 per cent is aliens. It just means these things haven't been able to be explained.
"People sometimes jump to the UFO conclusion too quickly ... more often than not these things are reflections or helium balloons that go behind a tree or a cloud," she said.
Ms Hyde said sometimes people didn't talk about seeing lights for fear of being laughed at.
"I don't think people who see strange lights in the sky should be ridiculed. They're not idiots. They're just seeing something they cannot explain and they're curious about it so I think it's good they speak up."
However, she was quick to explain a strange light didn't necessarily mean aliens were looking down on us.
"Until aliens land in front of the Beehive and say, 'Take me to your leader', then I am not convinced because I don't believe they would travel to Earth and play silly buggers with us."

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White UFOs “Interacting” over Melbourne Australia 07/04/2011

At least two white UFOs were recorded over Melbourne, Australia at daylight interacting or moving in really strange ways.

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UFO sightings in Taranaki & Waikato skies.

Hawera UFO
CLOSE ENCOUNTER: Aaron Sellwood and his family saw the unidentified flying object on Tuesday night.

A Hawera family had a close encounter amid a spate of sightings of mystery lights speeding through Taranaki and Waikato skies.
A flaming ball dancing above Hawera left residents in stunned awe on Tuesday as it zig-zagged through the night sky, while Waikato residents are certain they saw a UFO on Saturday.
Aaron Sellwood and his family in Hawera wondered if they were seeing things when what they believe is a UFO put on a spectacular light show before speeding away. But when the strange object returned, 20 minutes later, all doubt was removed.
Mr Sellwood said he was standing on his driveway on Burns St at 8.55pm when a fireball in the sky caught his eye.
"I looked at it and could see a flamey-type object with a dark shadow on top which looked to be a pyramid shape with a round top," he said.
Mr Sellwood said he then rushed inside and grabbed his ex- partner and four children to come and have a look.
The flaming object then hovered in the sky above his neighbours' house. "It turned its flames off and it looked like it was cooling down. There was what looked like an element beneath it - a big red ring," he said.
Hawera Observatory and Astronomical Society secretary Pat Sutherland said she saw a similar event a week before.
Mrs Sutherland said a light to the north-east of Hawera danced in the sky and appeared to "zoom towards her".
"I thought it was a planet to start with because it wasn't sparkling, but then it started moving."
She said the night sky was not foreign to her and she knew when something unusual was happening.
Hawera dairy worker Graham Fraser witnessed a similar event earlier this year on January 17.
He said he was heading to work at 5.13am when he noticed a bright light in the sky just south of the Hawera subway tunnel.
"It was a beautiful clear morning, I could see Venus and what I thought was a couple of stars.
"But one of them wasn't because it started moving while I was looking at it," he said.
The South Taranaki town is proving to be a hot spot for mysterious lights as another bright orange light was spotted above the southern end of Hawera about 9.40pm on Boxing Day last year.

IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE?: A photo of one of the Unidentified Flying Objects seen over Waikato.
North Hamilton man Adrian Kilpatrick is convinced he and his wife Kathryn saw a unidentified flying object above his Woodridge home last Saturday night.
When he first saw it, at around 6.30pm, Mr Kilpatrick, a long-time believer in UFOs, thought it was a light plane coming into land.
"But then it looked like the plane was on fire, like the engines were glowing orange," he said, adding that the object's absolute silence had made him wonder further of its origins.
He estimated the object was flying around the height a small aircraft might fly and appeared less than two kilometres north of their house.
It moved towards Hamilton from Ngaruawahia, before changing direction and zipping towards Morrinsville.
Mr Kilpatrick estimated it was visible for about three minutes.
"The people who are skeptical about UFOs haven't seen one yet. They are real," the Hamilton businessman said.
Suli Laomakei and Kelly Dixon have seen something too. The pair, employees at Te Rapa's Prolife Foods, were outside taking a cigarette break at around 11pm when they saw a "light the size of the moon" moving quickly across the night sky on March 29.

"It was very bright when it moved. Everything below it lit up," Ms Laomakei said. "It was huge, and looked like it had flames coming out of it."
Ms Laomakei, who estimated the object was only around 100m off the ground, said she was not a believer in UFOs before the sighting, but the strange light had her scratching her head. "Something was travelling through the sky that night," she said.

Auckland Stardome Observatory astronomer Dr Grant Christie said a meteor entered the atmosphere over New Zealand around 11pm on the night of March 29, lighting up the night sky.
Dr Christie estimated the fireball to be travelling around 30 and 80km above the earth, describing as one of the brightest observed fireballs above New Zealand since 1999.
As for Mr Kilpatrick's travelling light? Observatory spokesperson Gina Dellabarca said it was likely caused by the International Space Station (ISS), which is currently manned by six people and orbiting around 350 km above Earth.with the last pass at around 6pm yesterday. It is expected over New Zealand again this Saturday at about 6.30pm.
Mr Kilpatrick however remains firm that his sighting was indeed a UFO.
"Does it (the ISS) fly around 200 metres off the ground?," he asked. "It's not the same thing. Once you've seen it, you know it's real."

- Taranaki Daily News and Waikato Times

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Original files: NZ's UFO sightings files dating from 1952 - 2009

Read original documents, released by the Government, recording UFO sightings in New Zealand. please upload, print hard copies and circulate this information if and wherever you can.

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UFO ORBs,New Zealand on the 1st March 2011

Black triangle UFO New Zealand 5th December 2010

Mysterious Blue Spiral Photos, Christchurch New Zealand, March 29, 2011

A new video uploaded at Youtube, Strange Anomaly – New Zealand Christchurch – Project Blue Beam? – UFO?, caught our attention. Amazing photos of morphing ‘blue spirals’ and mysterious red lights photographed over New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand, at approximately 5 AM, March 29, 2011.


Found this interesting article over on .

Alien Big Cat (ABCs) are alive and well in New Zealand and the sightings of them are becoming many and frequent.

Now, before you really think I'm crazy (more than usual anyway), let me educate you as to what Alien Big Cats are.

Alien Big Cats (ABCs, Phantom Cats, Mystery Cats) don't have anything to do with UFOs (usually anyway). The word 'alien' in this context simply means 'out of place'. ABCs are not creatures unknown to science but are well-known cats which are sighted in unexpected places. Their location creates the mystery, rather than their existence.

My 'need-to-know-bordering-on-obsession' tendency was aroused yesterday when I read an article about an ABC sighting in our local newspaper...

18-year-old student Carl Swanson is adamant he saw a large lion recently near a quarry in Kaiwaka (Northland, NZ). He is keen to revisit the site but will not do so unless he has a gun. The reporter who wrote the story happens to be my neighbour (no kidding). I spoke with him last night, and he believes Swanson's story is absolutely genuine.

The documented eye-witness reports of ABCs in New Zealand are too numerous to be ignored. All evidence points to the fact that there really are mysterious big-cat specimens roaming the bush and countryside.

"How did they get here?", any sane person will ask. The most probable answer is the accidental release/escape into the wild from zoos, wild-life parks etc.

Interestingly enough, Zion Wildlife Gardens is situated just 60km north of where the lion was seen.

So, if you ever happen to see a mysterious cat-like creature roaming the New Zealand countryside, think twice before you choose not to believe your eyes, keep a camera ready, and maybe, as Carl Swanson suggests, a gun.

Some documented ABC sightings in New Zealand (For extensive information on ABC's in NZ please visit: Mysterious New Zealand

2008: Lion, Kaiwaka Quarry, South of Whangarei, Northland
04/08/06: Big Black Cat, Haketere (north side of the Ashburton River Mouth)
03/05/05: Big Black Cat, Mid Canterbury
11/10/03: Black Panther, PPCS meatworks in Fairton, 8 km north of Ashburton
03/10/03: Black Panther Mayfield, 35 kilometres west of Ashburton
2002: Big Black Puma-like Cat sighted at night in Omaui, south of Invercargill
2001: Black Panther, Farm at Winterslow, Alford Forest
1999: Black Panther, Banks Peninsula
13/12/99: Mountain Lion, Moeraki (or Lake Moeraki)
16/07/99: Black Panther, Lindis Pass
08/98: Mountain Lion, Dunstan Ranges, near Cromwell
* 1996: Black Panther, Twizel
* 1996: Big Black Puma-like Cat sighted at night in Omaui, south of Invercargill

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UFO sighting over Dunedin, New Zealand two consecutive nights

A resident of Dunedin, New Zealand has captured video of a UFO, or UFOs, hovering in the sky for two consecutive nights. The UFO sightings took place on the evenings of Sunday, March 13, 2011 and Monday, March 14, 2011.

The video of these recent UFO sightings is broken into two parts, one for each consecutive night of the sighting. The first portion of the video has the following commentary on the bottom of the screen, "8:28 PM 13 March 2011 Are these landing lights on a Plane? Dunedin Airport located towards far left of screen . . . Otago Peninsula extends towards right of screen . . . object held position for few minutes. Sanyo HD Camera 1500X Zoom, no Tripod. Duration of sighting was 6-8 minutes."

The second half of the video has the following notation: "8:38 PM 14 March 2011 Same location next night. Same U.F.O.? Duration of sighting was 8-10 minutes."

Throughout the video, the unidentified flying object seems to glow, flicker, and move (although it could be the camera shaking). However, at the 2:23 mark, the video gets really interesting as the orb changes color several times and even appears to change shape.

by Tracey Parece