Saturday, September 29, 2012

Voices from the Forest [Upcoming Documentary]

Keep an eye, ear and mind open for this up coming new documentary that goes in search of New Zealand's mysterious and elusive faery forest dwellers.
A film, narrated by sacred sites Researcher Gary Cook, that will shake the ground on which you stand and challenge your old belief systems...
Cryptozoological? Extraterrestrial? Supernatural? Spiritual?....You decide.

Check regularly on for updates on the release date of this supernatural documentary.

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cuitkin said...

3901I would so love to view this Documentary. I have seen Faeries. Photographed a few. But people like me often feel so alone in their experiences and perceptions. I can only hope that this film will show up on TV.
Thank you so much for making it. It is about Nature. It is about the consciousness of the Earth.