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Australian UFO video captured near Melbourne

A man in Cranbourne, Australia captured video of four bright objects slowly moving about the sky on the evening of December 2, 2013. The president of a local observatory says the lights were most likely a combination of aircraft, such as helicopters with search lights, a bright planet such a Venus, Rigel or Sirius, weather balloons, or ceremonial lanterns.
UFOs over Cranbourne. (Credit: ShamelessAusMusic/YouTube)The video was posted on a YouTube account by the name of ShamlessAusMusic. He wrote in the description: “UFO sighting on December 2nd 2013. In the sky over Cranbourne, Vic, Australia. We pulled over at about 9pm to film these four lights floating around the sky. All four were pretty close to the ground and eventually disappeared. They didn’t do a lot, but were amazing to watch!”
The video shows four lights at first slowly moving in the same direction at different speeds. Then one fades out, and two seem to remain still while another that was previously still moves off in a different direction. The video ends before they all fade out.
The local newspaper, the Herald Sun, asked the president of the nearby Mt. Burnett Observatory, Perry Vlahos, what he thought of the video. He told them, “It’s really very difficult to say from looking at this footage, without seeing first-hand.” However he assured them, “One thing I can guarantee is they were not little green men from Mars.”
Vlahos suggested the lights could be “…lanterns, it could be satellites, the international space station, aircraft, the police helicopter, a plane.”
However, since there are four lights, it rules out Venus. The lights were also below the clouds, which would also rule out satellites or the international space station.
Vlahos pointed out, “Something like the police helicopters have strong search lights, which resemble that from a distance.”
However, Vlahos’ best guess was that they were ceremonial lanterns. He says, “They would float up for a period of time, then disappear once the candle goes out.”
Often called Chinese Lanterns, Vlahos explained “Sometimes people put a candle inside a paper lantern and the heat, because its very light, carries them up into the sky. It’s an Asian ceremonial exercise.”
The lights in the video do move similar to Chinese Lanterns, although typically those lanterns move in the same direction, and these move in different directions. The lanterns move with the air currents, which can be erratic.
Is this a genuine Australian mystery or simple more holiday Chinese Lanterns? Let us know what you think below.  by Alejabdro Rojas

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Spiriting out the spooks of Dunedin - Otago Daily Times

Whether ghosts are fact or fable, you will have to decide. Reporter John Lewis rips the sheets off some of Dunedin's best ghost stories to reveal the history behind the haunts.
Have you ever walked into a room where the lights don't work, felt an icy chill skate up your spine and sensed disembodied voices floating on the air?
Sounds like the typical uni student flat.
But Hair Raiser Ghost Tours guide Andrew Smith says chances are, if you're not in a student flat, you're experiencing paranormal activity - something he has spent the past couple of decades studying in and around some of Dunedin's most notorious buildings.
Dunedin is a fairly young city by global standards, but it seems 165 years is plenty of time to cultivate a large selection of spooky ghost stories from some of its more unfortunate moments in history.
A hairdresser by trade, Mr Smith started Hair Raiser Ghost Tours in 1999 as an aside to his Moray Pl hairdressing business - not because he had an interest in ghostly apparitions, but because he was fascinated by ''local history with a darker side''.
The 41-year-old has spent many hours researching the history of prominent Dunedin buildings, purely out of personal interest, and found the people he spoke to with connections to a building would often tell him about something they had seen that scared the living cynic out of them.
''I started doing ghost tours because Dunedin's ghost stories were so good.''
Every week, he takes tours (after dark, of course) to forgotten and hidden places around the city.
''Buildings take on a different atmosphere after dark,'' he says.
''The places we go are not usually the places people would walk on their own.''
Mr Smith says that he attempts to let those on his ghost tours make their own assumptions about the ghoulish tales.
He injects a dose of reality by saying it could have been the spirit of a long-dead resident, or more logically it was just a breeze slamming the door shut and throwing the vase of flowers across the room.
That's why he is quick to add some sort of rationale behind his own ghost sighting.
''I think I've seen something up at the Northern Cemetery.
''I was doing a ghost tour when we saw a figure come towards us. One of the tourists said, 'Hey, that's my aunt', and we all bolted when he continued, 'She's dead just now'.
''We didn't stick around to find out if it was just some guy walking his dog in the cemetery.
''The tour had to be abandoned.''
Mr Smith says the most common claim people make about paranormal experiences is that they have smelt a beautiful scent, ''like Granny's perfume''.
Other people claim to feel paralysed or held down, or cold chills.
''Surprisingly, a lot of people say they see ghosts during the day - but is it just a case of mistaken identity of someone they've seen walking up the street in a group of people?''
Mr Smith says the top five spooky spots on his tours are Seacliff Lunatic Asylum, the Cumberland College hall of residence, Larnarch Castle, the Fortune Theatre and the Stafford Gables backpackers' hostel.
Seacliff is believed to be haunted by former patients of what was the grandest mental institution and largest building in New Zealand.
In 1942, a fire swept through Ward 5 and killed 37 female patients.
''There's a strange vibe there, whether by day or night. It's been the perfect setting for zombie films in more recent times.
''And it's closed to the general public which only adds to the mystery.''
Cumberland College is the home of a recent sighting of a ghost known as the Grey Lady, which terrified residents at the hall of residence in 2012.
Staff had to call in the University of Otago chaplain to calm the students, many of whom slept with their lights on and shared rooms with other students in the aftermath of the sighting.
The ghost is linked to the nearby Queen Mary maternity hospital, where a nurse took a woman's baby for being an unfit mother.
The woman haunted the nurse who stayed at Cumberland College when it was the nurses' home.
''No-one is exactly sure why she decided to make her presence felt last year, after years of being supposedly banished from the hall of residence,'' Mr Smith says.
''A national media frenzy followed after the college denied that there was in fact `a situation'.''
Larnach Castle - every castle needs a ghost and as New Zealand only has one, there is plenty to choose from here.
Mr Smith says it's a favourite location for ghost hunters and television crews because it has a tragic family history with all the ingredients for ''the perfect ghost storm''.
Then there is the Fortune Theatre.
Not long after the theatre moved into the old church, tales spread of sinister voices being heard offstage, well-secured lights falling from the lighting grid, a phantom audience member mingling with the crowd, and even an actor reporting they shared the stage with an uninvited guest.
It's believed to be haunted by angry parishioners from the former church.
Probably one of the spookiest spots in Dunedin is Stafford Gables. Mr Smith says it's a backpackers with a real twist.
The former hospital is believed to be the home of a few wayward spirits because a number of patients died there in suspicious circumstances.
''The television room in this establishment is located in the former morgue, which says it all, really.''
It's fair to say, ghosts get a fairly bad rap from those they come into contact with.
But Mr Smith says they're not all territorial, temperamental has-beens who get their kicks out of traumatising people.
There are some apparitions which appear to have a sense of humour.
When a ghost started harassing staff at a pharmacy in the north end of Dunedin, they knew instantly that it was their former boss who had died the previous year.
How did they know?
Because their boss had a habit of pinching the bottoms of female staff while passing, and it hadn't stopped even after his death!
''They would be serving someone at the counter, and all of a sudden, hello someone's pinching their butt.''
A well-known department store in Dunedin also experienced ghostly activity of the comical kind, after the premises were upgraded in 2005.
Elevators and escalators started operating on their own, triggering alarms in the store during the night.
In the women's wear section, staff claimed that the racks of clothing would start swaying for no apparent reason.
Despite priests being brought in to ''cleanse'' the building, the activity is reputed to continue to this day.
Many may not know it, but Dunedin's Municipal Chambers building occupies the site of the city's first hospital (1851-66), and is said to be haunted by a friendly spirit.
Like the ghost of Cumberland College, she is also described as the Grey Lady - a nurse who cared for the sick and the dying in the old hospital, and she is quite often accompanied by a beautiful perfume smell.
But the area today is haunted by a new, more prominent, spirit - a restless poltergeist that bangs and crashes its way through the corridors of this historic building.
''It's known by many as 'the Vandervis'.''
If you're eating your cereal while reading this, it may be best not to read any further. Some of the things you're about to read could be deemed a serious choking hazard.
When it comes to bizarre ghost stories, Dunedin (and in fact, New Zealand) is completely out-classed.
The Japanese have some doozies.
The story of the Shirime centres around a samurai warrior walking down a road towards Kyoto after dark, when he is confronted by a naked man looking somewhat menacing.
Before the samurai can draw his sword, the naked man turns around, bends over and reveals a large glittering eyeball peering out of his buttocks. (Don't say I didn't warn you . . .)
This tale was so liked by the Japanese haiku poet and artist Yosa Buson that he included the creature in many of his Edo period yokai paintings.
Equally disturbing is the Toyol from Southeast Asia.
Depending on the storyteller, the Toyol is a foetus, or more commonly, a newborn baby which has been possessed by a person practicing pesugihan tuyul black magic.
A person who owns a toyol uses it mainly to steal things from other people, or to do mischief.
And according to superstition, if money or jewellery keeps disappearing mysteriously from your house, a toyol might be responsible.
To ward off a toyol, many in Southeast Asia keep their valuables near needles or mirrors - how that helps, who knows?
If you have naughty children who refuse to behave, you can send them to the naughty corner, or you can tell them the story of the Hantu Tetek from Malaysia.
The spook is said to be a hideously obese old hag, with colossal breasts on her back.
She is essentially the Malaysian equivalent of the bogeyman, and her story is designed to keep children from straying too far away or stay out too late.
If they do, the Hantu Tetek will smother them to death with her monumentally big breasts.
Enough said. On second thoughts, probably best not to permanently scar your children with this means of parental control.
Whether you believe in ghosts or not, one thing is for certain - stories of the dead have their place in life.
They deal with past and present issues and even have social and moral messages.
If they didn't have value, people wouldn't keep telling them.

Seven signs your house is 'haunted'
• Unexplained noises (footsteps, knocks, banging, rapping, scratching)
• Doors, cabinets and cupboards opening and closing
• Lights, TVs, radios and other electrically powered items turning on and off
• Items disappearing and reappearing
• Unexplained shadows
• Strange animal behaviour
• Feelings of being watched 

For more tales of Dunedin's ghostly history, Mr Smith has a book due out in 2014 titled Dunedin is a Ghost Town - Confessions of New Zealand's Pioneer Ghost Guide.

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Giant moa wasn't so robust - NZ Herald

A moa skull discovered in the Waitomo area. Photo / Christine Cornege
A moa skull discovered in the Waitomo area. Photo / Christine Cornege

The South Island giant moa wasn't quite as hefty as we had thought.
A new study has found its bones were more slender than first believed, which has resulted in a recalculation of the birds' size.
Instead of studying just the birds' leg bones to determine its weight, the study scanned the entire skeleton, which revealed slimmer bones that meant its weight could be more accurately estimated.
The study was led by Manchester biomechanics student Charlotte Brassey, in collaboration with palaeobiologist Professor Richard Holdaway of Canterbury University's School of Biological Sciences.
Professor Holdaway said earlier estimates of the birds' weight had the moa weighing up to 300kg. This study points towards a weight of about 200kg.
The legs of the moa, or the dinornis robustus (literally meaning robust strange bird), were similar to its distant relatives such as the ostrich, emu and rhea, Professor Holdaway said.
Ms Brassey said they already knew moa had disproportionately wide leg bones, yet previous estimates of their body mass had been based on only those bones, which probably resulted in overestimates.
After scanning the whole skeleton the new estimates were considerably lower.
The largest moa still weighed in at a hefty 200kg, or 30 family-sized Christmas turkeys, and if revellers wanted to roast one for Christmas dinner, they would have to start cooking it tomorrow, Ms Brassey said.

Unidentified flying objects caught on tape over Aiseau-Presles, Belgium 20-Dec-2013

This huge bright object was seen and recorded in the sky above Aiseau-Presles located in the Belgian province of Hainaut. Recorded on Friday, 20th December 2013.

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The 1868 "UFO vision" of Frederick William Birmingham at Parramatta Australia - a 2 part video

Did a UFO buzz New South Wales, Australia, in 1868? was a local surveyor invited to board this incredible flying machine by its strange pilot, Or was it a dream?

Here is the 2002 recreation of the 1868 "UFO vision" of Frederick William Birmingham in Parramatta which was part of 2 an internet TV programme, the UFO Show on Banana TV.
For background:

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Top ghostly images of 2013

A ghostly figure was found on a Florida property listing

This year there have been a lot of spirit photos that were shared on the internet. One question is always wondered when photos like these are presented. Are the photos real or fake?

Another Strange Satellite Image - Loch Ness Monster

Remember this image below from Google Maps a few years back? It made the newspapers but it was clear on examination that it was nothing more than a boat with attendant bow waves.

It was seen making its way up the loch north of Invermoriston as the wider map shows below. The scale of 200m gives an idea how big it is.

Then there was the filament like images spotted on Loch Ness images and covered here. However, another stranger object has turned up, not in Google Maps, but Apple Maps recently. This image is shown below and something can be seen to the left making its way presumably south down the loch. The zoom in is shown below.

Now as it turns out, this object does not appear on Google maps and I show the equivalent picture below with attendant scale. Using the scale gives a rough size of 40 metres for the entire object, which is about twice the size as our more famous Google Boat image above.

Like the Google Boat image, I doubt the object is all one object. There is wake action going on in both pictures to the extent that the Google Boat is half wake and half boat (10m each) or the standard size of a Caley Cruiser boat.

The other object is a bit more difficult to parse, but the object is perhaps 20 metres long which makes me wonder if it is the bigger Jacobite cruiser boats that head south from the locks near Inverness? If somebody could find one of those larger boats on satellite imagery, that would be helpful. An overlay of the two objects show some similarities and dissimilarities.

The first question is why is the image so much fainter? If you look at the original Apple Maps image, you can see the smaller boats moored near Aldourie Castle (below centre of image). Like our Google Boat, they are quite quite white in colour. So why is this object not showing a similar albedo? Could this be because it is just below the water's surface or perhaps it is a darker colour? 
However, to produce the presumed bow wave we see, it must be showing something at the surface. And what is that crescent type "wave" ahead of the main part of the object?

Anyway, comments are invited in an attempt to identify what is going on here.


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NASA admits portals are real

The mission will launch in 2014 and consists of four identical satellites that will orbit in Earth’s magnetosphere where they will surround the portals and observe how they work.
The portals that connect the Earth and sun create an uninterrupted path between the two.
They are invisible and will open and close without warning. Some portals are short-lived while others are vast and sustained, according to NASA.

"It's called a flux transfer event or 'FTE,'" says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center.
"Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn't exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible."
Indeed, today Sibeck is telling an international assembly of space physicists at the 2008 Plasma Workshop in Huntsville, Alabama, that FTEs are not just common, but possibly twice as common as anyone had ever imagined.
Researchers have long known that the Earth and sun must be connected. Earth's magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet's magnetic defenses.
They enter by following magnetic field lines that can be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun's atmosphere.
"We used to think the connection was permanent and that solar wind could trickle into the near-Earth environment anytime the wind was active," says Sibeck.
Check out the full article here

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New Zealand Ghost Hunters - Core Paranormal

By Shane Warbrooke

From left to right: Brenda Huggins, George Shiels, Victoria Edmonds, Catherine Nichol, and Jaimie Steel
Palmerston North is a picturesque university town on New Zealand’s North Island. It’s home to gardens, wind farms, what’s referred to in travel magazines as a "vibrant art scene," and Core Paranormal—a dedicated unit of home-spun paranormal investigators. The group is led by George Shiels, a man who proudly tells me he’s never been inside a Starbucks. I’m in town to accompany New Zealand’s very own Scooby-Doo gang on an investigation of the 150-year-old Napier Prison. We’ll be spending the evening in a place where murderers and rapists were executed and then buried standing up so their souls can never rest!
George was introduced to the world of the supernatural after the passing of his sister in 2009. Shortly after her death he began experiencing weird phenomena at home. His family and friends would hear singing and talking from the empty backyard shed at night, and inside things would change position despite the door being locked. Visitors to the house would become inexplicably uncomfortable around the shed, and George's stepdaughter, Victoria, reported seeing ghosts and was pretty much in a constant state of terror.
When George finally reported his haunted shed to local paranormal investigators, they were uninterested. Then, in true DIY Kiwi fashion, George began buying and building his own ghost hunting equipment to figure out what the hell was happening for himself.
It’s worth noting this whole enterprise wasn’t borne out of morbid curiosity, but rather a feeling that the community was in need of information and guidance around paranormal events. “When we asked for help it wasn’t there. We needed help desperately. Victoria was jumping out of her skin.”
George’s team consists of Brenda, a professional embalmer; Victoria, who after the passing of her biological father began to “see and hear things I wasn’t supposed to;” Catherine, who works the cameras; and a security guard named Jamie, who got involved after experiencing incidents of fire alarms going off without being triggered and doors opening and closing on their own. While Victoria and Brenda are the group’s "sensitives"—meaning they have a higher sense of intuition when it comes to communicating with the dead—Jamie acts as the group’s Scully. A good-natured skeptic, it’s his job to look for mundane explanations to the things they experience.
The group uses an arsenal of hi-tech ghost hunting gear to track and document their encounters. They have infrared and ultraviolet cameras running to central control stations, night vision glasses, and FLIR gear that allows them to see heat like in Predator. They also carry electromagnetic field meters, digital laser thermometers, and, most impressively—a laser grid. Excluding Jamie, the team also wears hematite jewelry in the belief it will prevent ghosts from following them back from sites or attaching to them. (If you didn’t know, hematite is an iron oxide that has antiferromagnetic properties.)
See full article here.....

The Harbour Bridge Ghost - Haunted Auckland

There is an old story that goes at least into the early 80′s, perhaps even much earlier, of a man who was found drowned underneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
It is thought that he had died after being either swept off his fishing perch by incoming rough water, or fell, hitting his head and drowning, whilst fishing in a spot underneath the North Shore side of the bridge.
There is a small jetty area for people to lock up their dinghies, park their cars to fish off the wall, or launch their boats into the water via a ramp.
To get to this area beneath the looming bridge above there is  Sulphur Beach Road, a thin, one car lane that passes by the local police station and winds around directly beneath the bridge to the other side.
There used to be the remnants of an old rusty structure, similar to a scaffolding platform, constructed beside one of the many enormous concrete supports holding up the bridge.
With age and sea water rusted steel and rickety planks of timber as a  standing base,  it is not clear what this platform was officially  created for. Perhaps left over from the actual construction of the bridge itself.
This rough and dangerously placed platform was used by many keen and brave fishermen that would  wade out into position as the tide was coming in and stay up there above water level until the tide receded so they could return to their cars.
We have heard that there are still small end bits of the steel legs sticking slightly out of the ground which were cemented into the foundation when built and sawn off at the ground level when it was finally removed many years later.
We investigated beneath the bridge at low tide and after much searching could not locate which pillar the structure might have been positioned beside.
We were unable to find the actual platform removal date records, but estimate it would have been within the last 15 years.
The Harbour Bridge Ghost is said to have been seen from time to time, floating just above sea level as a human sized dark shadow. His eerie dark form has been witnessed contrasted against the  grey concrete slab support as headlights from cars have been entering or leaving the area. According to the witnesses, the beams from car headlights do not eliminate the shadow which is still clearly visible over the bright lights.
He is also seen when the tide is out, wandering aimlessly around the pillars in the dark. The man seems to mainly appear during the low light of dust and early dawn.
We have not heard of any daytime sightings as of yet.
Haunted Auckland are very interested in the case of the Harbour Bridge Ghost and would like to hear from anyone with further information on the man, his death, or any recent or past sightings. If you know any more about this legend, get in contact with us.

Blue Mountains panther spotted again

EAMONN DUFF December 15, 2013        

Weeks after the government declared the Blue Mountains big cat file closed, a Sydney father has spoken of a terrifying encounter with a panther-like creature outside his home.
Peter Russell told NSW Police he feared for his life after being stalked by a large, ''completely foreign'' feline predator at Riverstone, on the fringes of dense national park bushland.
It has been sighted at least 12 times in the Riverstone area over recent years. On Thursday, the member for Hawkesbury, Ray Williams, warned the government to ''rethink'' its position or face being ''accountable'' in the event of a tragedy.

Referring to a report, released in October, that dismissed the validity of about 500 eyewitness statements, Mr Williams said: ''I appreciate [Minister for Primary Industries] Katrina Hodgkinson might have more important issues to deal with but, in accepting those findings, she is ridiculing the many hundreds who have seen this creature.
''My wife and I saw this animal. People I know and respect have seen it. I have addressed the situation in Parliament and spoken broadly and openly about it since. If something awful happens, I'll sleep with a clear conscience.''
For decades, huge cats have been sighted by rural residents. Bushwalkers, tourists and locals say the animals resemble panthers.
A common theory is that the cats escaped from private zoos or a circus years ago and have since bred and survived across the three large national parks - Kanangra-Boyd, Blue Mountains and Wollemi - that connect across the mountains. But in the absence of definitive evidence, the subject remains a topic of widespread amusement elsewhere.
In a 1999 letter to then National Parks and Wildlife Service director-general Brian Gilligan, Department of Agriculture head Kevin Sheridan warned: ''The reports are becoming too frequent for us to ignore the possibility. To … do so could bring into question government's duty of care.''
Wildlife ecologist Johannes Bauer was later commissioned to provide expert opinion.
''Difficult as it seems to accept, the most likely explanation of the evidence is the presence of a large, feline predator,'' he said. ''In this area, [it is] most likely a leopard, less likely a jaguar.''
In 2008, then premier Nathan Rees admitted to being a believer. ''It is easy for all of us to dismiss these things … but if we're actually wrong then there is an altogether different set of scenarios.''
But today, the O'Farrell government has put its faith in the findings of New Zealand invasive species expert John Parkes, who scoffed at the notion in October, labelling the 500 eyewitness accounts as ''at best prima facie evidence'', saying ''large dogs, large feral cats or swamp wallabies'' were the likely candidates.
The latest eyewitness disagrees. On December 5, Mr Russell went to investigate why his neighbour's dogs were acting ''so distressed''.
He said, as he looked along the path that led up the street, a very large, broad, cat-like creature ran straight for him.
''This was definitely no dog,'' he said. ''It had a low rumbling growl. It was between knee and hip height, extremely stocky and very fast. I spun on my heel and ran back towards the house. I didn't know that I was going to make it to the door.
''My mind was completely thrown by what I had just witnessed. I thought I was a goner.''
Mr Russell made it safely inside and called Riverstone police.
''The officer laughed and I acknowledged her reaction was understandable,'' he said. ''But I also explained that if some poor kid ends up being taken, and I hadn't called, I would be left devastated.''
Ms Hodgkinson said that, based on the findings of Mr Parkes, the government would not commit any further expenditure. ''As far as I am concerned, the matter is closed."
But Mr Williams thinks his colleague has missed the point. ''I don't want a million dollars spent on any campaign, I just want some general acknowledgement that this is no myth … and for visitors to the national park to be armed with the knowledge that these animals could pose a danger, particularly to kids.''
Have you seen the big cat?

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4 UFO's Captured On Video Over Cranbourne in Victoria, Australia

4 UFO’s Captured On Video Over Cranbourne in Victoria, Australia
(Image Credit: YouTube/ShamelessAusMusic)

A YouTube video published on December 2nd, 2013 shows 4 UFO’s in the night sky over Cranbourne in Victoria, Australia.

The video which was posted by user ShamelessAusMusic, shows four distinct orange lights in the sky, and was filmed close to 9pm. According to the uploader’s description, all four objects were fairly close to the ground and eventually disappeared. Check out the video below:

What do you think? Could they be otherworldly craft containing extraterrestrial visitors? Or is this another case of ‘chinese lanterns’?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Peru's UFO investigations office to be reopened

1963 picture purportedly showing a UFO in New Mexico
1963 picture purportedly showing a UFO in New Mexico. The Peruvian unit will bring together sociologists, archaeologists, astronomers, meteorologists and air force personnel to analyse sightings.
Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

Air force to revive office that lay dormant for five years after increased sightings of 'anomalous aerial phenomena'
Peru's air force is reopening an office responsible for investigating UFOs due to "increased sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena" in the country's skies.
The Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA), first created in 2001, is being revived after lying formant for five years because more UFO sightings have been reported to the media, said Colonel Julio Vucetich, head of the air force's aerospace interests division.
The unit will bring together sociologists, archaeologists, astronomers, meteorologists and air force personnel to analyse these events, Vucetich told the Guardian. "Many people don't report UFO sightings because they fear they will be labelled mad or made fun of, but nowadays with new technology – cellphone videos, Facebook, Twitter – they can be much more open, without feeling that they are the only ones who have seen what they've seen," he said.
"This new office needs those people to come and report their sightings so we can open a file and, using their information, do the respective analysis and investigation," he added, flicking through a hefty scrapbook of newspaper cuttings recording Peruvian UFO sightings dating from 1950 to the present day. Peru's Institute for Studies of Historic Aerospace is turning it into a book.
Vucetich said the office had responded to increased sightings of natural and artificial phenomena, from meteorites to "space junk" in Peru. "When you present evidence of UFOs, people can react with terror or hysteria, so we have to be very careful how we present it," he stressed.
UFO sightings are not uncommon in Peru. Two weeks ago, local media reported that villagers in Marabamba, in Peru's central Huanuco region, watched luminous balls of light in the sky over several days. Numerous reported sightings of UFOs have been made in Chilca, a beach resort 59km south of Lima. The unexplained sightings have attracted UFO investigators from around the world. One former resident, Paulina Jimenez, 82, told the Guardian how 16 years ago she saw "a huge number of flashing lights" over a bluff overlooking the resort's Yaya beach, the most regular location for UFO sightings among local residents.
"There are various locations in Peru where there are regular sightings. What's bad is that those reports have never been proven so I can't, on behalf of the air force, verify those," Vucetich said.
He added that he, too, had seen what he could only describe as "anomalous aerial phenomena". "On a personal basis, it's evident to me that we are not alone in this world or universe."
The UFO office has a telephone hotline, an email address ( and a website for reports of UFO sightings.
The revival of the UFO office will allow Peru to compare and share information with similar agencies in Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina.
Last week, Antonio Huneeus, a Chilean UFO investigator, told Open Minds UFO Radio that the Peruvian move responded to greater interest in such phenomena in the region.
"There are a few cultural reasons too, the public is more open-minded about the phenomenon of UFOs," he added.

Tasmanian tiger hunt: expedition team vows to return after failing to sight elusive animal

Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman says he remains convinced the Tasmanian tiger is still out there. (Credit: ABC)

The mystery of the Tasmanian tiger remains after an expedition failed to catch a glimpse of the elusive animal which is thought to have become extinct 80 years ago.
The mystery of the Tasmanian tiger remains after an expedition failed to catch a glimpse of the elusive animal thought to have become extinct 80 years ago.
The UK-based Centre of Fortean Zoology is dedicated to tracking mythical, mystery and extinct animals around the world.
Nine members have just wound up the first stage of their latest self-funded project: hunting the thylacine.
I've collected nine new sightings that we didn't know of, the most recent was three years ago. - Team member Tony Healy

After scouring Tasmania's rugged north-west, a hot spot for the animal according to the team, expedition leader Michael Williams says he is satisfied with the outcome.
"No we don't have a thylacine in the boot, we don't have anything on camera of any great interest, but it's a roaring success because there's more witnesses than I thought there'd be and there's more areas of interest in a smaller defined area than I thought there'd be," he said.
The last known thylacine died in captivity in the 1930s.

full article here....

Tim the Yowie Man: The bunyip hunt

Historic home razed after 'ghost hunt'

LeBeau mansion
Seven men in the US have been charged with arson after burning down an historic home during a drug-fuelled ghost hunt.
The LeBeau Plantation, a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Louisiana, was reduced to smouldering rubble at the weekend.
Investigators said the suspects admitted to being on a marijuana-fuelled ghost hunt when they allegedly decided to set the landmark in Arabi on fire.
The seven are suspected of breaking into the home, built in the 1850s, in the early hours to look for ghosts and to smoke, St Bernard Sheriff James Pohlmann said.
"They were in there looking for ghosts, drinking, smoking dope, and for some reason they made a decision - a conscious decision - before they left to set this building on fire," Pohlmann said.
Pohlmann said the men were door-to-door salesmen but could not say what the men were selling.
The home, located near the Mississippi River levee in Old Arabi and vacant since the 1980s, is the property of the Arlene and Joseph Meraux Foundation, which owns extensive land in St Bernard Parish as well as buildings in Orleans Parish.
"We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our community's most beloved treasures," the foundation said. "The LeBeau Plantation was one of our most cherished assets."
There was a chain-link fence around the home, and the doors and windows were boarded up, foundation president Rita Gue said.
"It is doubtful that anything short of 24-hour patrols would have kept out these intruders intent on engaging in illegal activities," the foundation's statement said.

Top Conspiracy Theories of 2013

conspiracy theories
From false flag domestic terror to UFOs shooting asteroids out of the sky, it's been a wild year for conspiracy theorists.

Teenage girl is found barely alive after crucifixion-style exorcism

Four religious extremists are accused of kidnapping and torturing a teenage girl in France. The young woman's ex-boyfriend believed that she was possessed by demons the Huffington Post reported on Tuesday.
Three men and a woman belonging to the Seventh Day Adventist Church allegedly performed a crucifixion-style exorcism on a 19-year-old woman. The woman referred to as Antoinette was tied-up and bound to a bed Jesus-style and left for seven days by her ex-boyfriend Eric Deron, his mother Lise-Michelle Babin, and two other men, Philippe Grego, and Lionel Fremor.
Deron believed that he was on a divine mission and was convinced that his ex-girlfriend was possessed by demons. According to Deron, the young woman consented to the exorcism.
Police found the woman in an apartment in the Paris suburb of Grigny. Her attackers barely kept her alive and she was badly beaten. The four assailants were charged with kidnapping, acts of torture, and barbarism.
The Seventh Day Adventist Church is an America-based Protestant church with over 17 million followers throughout the world. A spokesperson stated that the parties involved all had been expelled from the church a year before the attack and that their teachings don’t include the kind of exorcism that took place.

Hikers Take Picture of Grey Alien in Bulgaria

Grey Alien Bulgaria
A group of hikers in Bulgaria have captured a picture of what appears to be a grey type alien extraterrestrial.
While hiking in Yundola, Bulgaria one of the people in the group noticed something up ahead and snapped a picture of it before it disappeared. After looking at the picture, he realized that it was some kind of humanoid creature.
Yundola is known for its clean air and temperate climate, which makes it a great hiking location.
Both the image and the humanoid in the photo cannot be authenticated.
Grey Alien BulgariaZoomed X-2

Was A Real-Life ‘Graboid’ Monster Excavated In Vietnam? [VIDEO]

In the wake of the super typhoon that recently swept through the Pacific, a bizarre specimen was excavated that looks something like a monster that would be found in the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Looks very much like a dead whale to me - Mark

Was JFK Shot Because He Was Going to Disclose UFOs and Aliens?

Two new memos from the White House have surfaced that show JFK requesting all information from NASA about UFOs just ten days before he was assassinated. It's starting to look like he was being silenced to cover-up the fact that aliens are visiting Earth.

Oklahoma boy that died in tornado appears in family photo as a ghost

9-year-old Nicholas McCabe died on May 20 when a tornado ripped through his school
A family in Oklahoma is shocked this week after they noticed what they believe is the ghost of their son in a photo of their niece. The boy was killed earlier this year when a tornado ripped through his school, Fox News reported on Sunday.
Scott McCabe's 9-year-old son Nicholas was killed on May 20 when a tornado leveled the Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma. Nicholas and seven of his classmates died.
McCabe says that the ghost of his son can be seen in a photo taken on Independence Day of his niece Madison. Madison is pictured playing with sparklers. Above her head is a distorted image of a face. The McCabe family believes it is the ghost of their son Nicholas.
"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Nicholas loved the Fourth of July and he loved firecrackers. My brother, when he saw it, he said the hair stood up on his neck. I was in awe. It touched my heart," Scott McCabe told Oklahoma's News 9 in an interview last week.
According to McCabe, Nicholas was buried in his a Plaza Towers T-shirt and he is convinced the figure in the photo is wearing a red shirt.
Some people are skeptical of the photo and say it is nothing more that motion blur caused from the camera being shaken. McCabe believes it is proof that his son is watching over their family.
"It's obviously not Madison. It's obvious there are two people there or one person there and one spirit there. They can say what they want. I believe. I believe he's watching over us," McCabe said.
The tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma was one of the deadliest tornadoes in US history, killing 25 people, and injuring hundreds.