Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Zealand Ghost Hunters - Core Paranormal

By Shane Warbrooke

From left to right: Brenda Huggins, George Shiels, Victoria Edmonds, Catherine Nichol, and Jaimie Steel
Palmerston North is a picturesque university town on New Zealand’s North Island. It’s home to gardens, wind farms, what’s referred to in travel magazines as a "vibrant art scene," and Core Paranormal—a dedicated unit of home-spun paranormal investigators. The group is led by George Shiels, a man who proudly tells me he’s never been inside a Starbucks. I’m in town to accompany New Zealand’s very own Scooby-Doo gang on an investigation of the 150-year-old Napier Prison. We’ll be spending the evening in a place where murderers and rapists were executed and then buried standing up so their souls can never rest!
George was introduced to the world of the supernatural after the passing of his sister in 2009. Shortly after her death he began experiencing weird phenomena at home. His family and friends would hear singing and talking from the empty backyard shed at night, and inside things would change position despite the door being locked. Visitors to the house would become inexplicably uncomfortable around the shed, and George's stepdaughter, Victoria, reported seeing ghosts and was pretty much in a constant state of terror.
When George finally reported his haunted shed to local paranormal investigators, they were uninterested. Then, in true DIY Kiwi fashion, George began buying and building his own ghost hunting equipment to figure out what the hell was happening for himself.
It’s worth noting this whole enterprise wasn’t borne out of morbid curiosity, but rather a feeling that the community was in need of information and guidance around paranormal events. “When we asked for help it wasn’t there. We needed help desperately. Victoria was jumping out of her skin.”
George’s team consists of Brenda, a professional embalmer; Victoria, who after the passing of her biological father began to “see and hear things I wasn’t supposed to;” Catherine, who works the cameras; and a security guard named Jamie, who got involved after experiencing incidents of fire alarms going off without being triggered and doors opening and closing on their own. While Victoria and Brenda are the group’s "sensitives"—meaning they have a higher sense of intuition when it comes to communicating with the dead—Jamie acts as the group’s Scully. A good-natured skeptic, it’s his job to look for mundane explanations to the things they experience.
The group uses an arsenal of hi-tech ghost hunting gear to track and document their encounters. They have infrared and ultraviolet cameras running to central control stations, night vision glasses, and FLIR gear that allows them to see heat like in Predator. They also carry electromagnetic field meters, digital laser thermometers, and, most impressively—a laser grid. Excluding Jamie, the team also wears hematite jewelry in the belief it will prevent ghosts from following them back from sites or attaching to them. (If you didn’t know, hematite is an iron oxide that has antiferromagnetic properties.)
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